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Day Workshop £50 or half day workshop £30


Medieval Calligraphy with Julia Baxter

Learning to write the gothic style script from medieval manuscripts using a quill (optional) and ink, working towards a written piece to include a decorated capital letter. Tools and materials included. Suitable for beginners.
   Tel: 01304 617250



Medieval Illumination with Julia Baxter

An opportunity to work through the process of illumination, beginning with an initial tracing, laying gold size, applying gold leaf and finally colour painting and outlines, as done by the medieval illuminators. We will work on a pre-designed capital letter.  Tools and materials included. Suitable for beginners.

Contact information above.



Egg Tempera Painting with Bob Martin

Introductory workshop investigating the medieval method of painting ground colours and egg yolk. You will discover where the colours came from and how this led to alchemy. You will experience gesso, under painting and colour, leading to a finished piece to take home.

 Tel: 01304 617250



Wheat Weaving with Carol Partridge

An introduction to simple plaits to make a harvest favour or maybe two. You will find out how the material behaves when it is plaited first and then move onto a 7 straw arrow plait heart favour. You can then move to a Border Fan to either take away or give away as a house blessing. Includes materials. Suitable for beginners and those with some experience
Tel: 01304 853478


Printmaking with Bob Martin

An introductory session where you will find out about the medieval printing process, meet a reproduction press, known as the ‘Gutenberg Mark I’ and make a sample print to take home. Old clothes essential as it can be a messy process ! A further session can be arranged to cut your own print and print yourself.
Tel: 01304 617250


Mead Making with Bob Martin and Dave Batchelor

Suitable for over 18s only !
An introductory day in the making of mead, mans oldest alcoholic drink. You will create from simple ingredients 7 or 8 pints of mead. You will have the opportunity to taste a few to inform your palate. We can provide if needed (at an extra charge) or you will need to bring: A 1 gallon demi jon, a fermentation lock (plastic), 4lbs of runny honey, a handful of raisons, 1 orange or lemon, bakers yeast sachet, some Pectin release powder and a sterilization tablet. Please advise your tutor what you need us to supply.
Tel: 01304 617250



Medieval Blacksmithing with Steve Batchelor

Try your hand at the craft of Blacksmithing using traditional methods and take away something handcrafted by your time in the forge.



Medieval Baking with Dave Batchelor and Sarah Batchelor

Join us for some bread making in the Centre’s kitchen where we will experiment in making some of the different types of bread produced in the medieval period. We will make fine white bread or manchet bread using stone ground and sieved wheat flour, honey, beer and beer barm (the yeast skimmed from the top of beer). We will also make lower class bread which is unleven using a courser ground flour with various grains including rye, barley, toasted and ground peas and beans


Sandwich Medieval Centre

The Quay


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