About the Trust


We are a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, a CIO, formed in 2018 with the objective registered with the Charity Commission:
To advance education for the public benefit on matters to do with the late medieval period, ie approx. 1330 to 1480 with a special focus on the heritage of Sandwich Town, Kent, in particular but not exclusively by providing a maritime and land based crafts “living museum”.


We plan to bring together all groups and individuals in Sandwich who are interested in the late medieval period who wish to contribute to the living history of Sandwich. The base for our activities is the wooden boatyard building on the slipway by the Quay, the Sandwich Medieval Centre.

A special focus is engaging with young people. In addition to the centre being an historically interesting visitor centre, it will also be the base for educating and mentoring juniors in medieval crafts and skills to ensure that the rich history of Sandwich in this period is not lost to future generations.

Contact – info@sandwichmedieval.org.uk

The Trustees:

Chairman – Steve Laslett, contact 07736 057836  Responsible for oversight, financial management and membership.  Steve is also Chair of Sandwich Community Events Association.

Dave Batchelor – responsible for land based skills.

Julia Baxter – responsible for engaging with schools and young people.

Paul Damon – responsible for oversight and maintenance of the building Contact 07799 125974

Bob Martin.  Responsible for maritime skills and replica boat building.  Contact 07873 358020

Lynne O’Donoghue.  Responsible for events coordination and communications.  Contact 07757 964113

Sandwich Medieval Centre

The Quay


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