Historic Tablet-Weaving – full day beginner workshop

September 3, 2022 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Sandwich Medieval Centre
Historic Tablet-Weaving - full day beginner workshop @ Sandwich Medieval Centre

You will learn the technique of this centuries-old, tablet rotation weaving skill to produce a decorative ‘threaded-in’ braid, including how to maintain warp tension and manage weft selvedges. The tablet weaving workshop introduces a low-tech way of creating narrow bands and braids which can be used to form colourful ribbons, laces, bookmarks, bracelets and much more. Bands can be sewn together to make larger pieces.
We will be working in cotton perle in order to gain understanding of the weaving techniques through a ‘user-friendly’ fibre.
This is an adult beginner’s workshop and includes materials including the tablets used during the workshop which you will be able to take home. Subsequent workshops can be offered dependent on interest, to deal with how to read a tablet-weave pattern draft, setting up your own warp from scratch, weaving with other fibres such as wool, silk or linen, and designing your own patterns.
Additional workshops offered by the Silkewoman on request include Fingerloop braiding, Period Embroidery Techniques, Goldwork Embroidery, and Netting as well as period specific plain hand-sewing techniques

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